farmertree producer co ltd

FARMERTREE is a farmer producer company owned by member farmers and small producers. We make it easy to buy food products at wholesale prices directly from producers. Money you spend buying products from farmertree goes to farmers and their families. It provides them better deal and opportunity to plan for their sustainable future.

buy farmertree packages

Our grocery products are combined into packages that will suit your family's needs. Buying grocery at farmertree is easy and fun. Save our phone number in your contacts and simply send us a message in whatsapp. The order will be delivered at your dootstep. We also run a referral programme where you can earn money by shopping together with friends, family and colleagues.

How to Order

Save our phone number to your contacts. Then just send us a message on Whatsapp to place your order. The order will be delivered at your home.

our phone No.: 97440 24903