We undertake infrastructure development to provide effective and seamless backward and forward integration for processed food industry by plugging the gaps in supply chain in terms of availability of raw material and linkages with the market. This includes setting-up primary processing centres/collection centres at farm-gate and integrated pack-houses with chain of distribution-cum-retail outlets.


Our digital solutions simplify commodity management, agricultural supply chains, ecommerce and traceability.

Integrated Packing Facilities

We construct food packing facilities and offer contract solutions to producer organisations, small producers and retail industries.

Distribution-cum-Retail Outlets

Through network of distribution-cum-retail outlets we enable producer organisations to market products of member farmers.

Warehouses and Storage

We provide warehousing, cold storage and common collection facilities to our members and suppliers.

Food Processing Units

We associate with farmer producer organisations in setting up and expansion of food processing units.

Agriculture Asset Management

We invest and manage farmland, food processing assets, agribusiness portfolios, intellectual properties and tech ventures.