We collectivise farmers into Producer Organisation and help them sell direct to consumers

Our producer organisation is committed to sustainable food production. It encompasses social, economic and ecological considerations — all of which are critical to achieving global food security. The producer organisation is owned by member farmers, small producers and self help groups. Together, we provide consumers safe, hygienic and healthy food.

Marketing Support

Direct marketing assistance helps our producers earn better price. Consumer analytics service helps them in planning for future.

Access to Finance

Get easy access to loan for farming and agibusiness needs. Linkage with government grants and subsidy schemes.

Input Supply Services

Provide economical and quality inputs to farmers. We supply fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, sprayers, accessories.

Procurement & Packaging

We provide farmers and producer organisations assistance in procurement, storage, value addition and packaging.

Technical Services

Besides training in best practices, we offer technical consultancy services to enhance productivty of our producers.

Value-added Services

We offer linkages with insurance services, FSSAI registration support, food testing and analysis, equipment leasing, etc.